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10 Questions with our employee spotlight - Nicole Loy

Dynamics Speech Therapy

1. What three traits define you?

Compassionate, creative and open to new experiences.

2. Coffee or Tea?


3. What book or movie changed your life the most?


4. Tell us something about you that will surprise us!

I was lucky to volunteer abroad in St Lucia as a Speech Pathologist with an amazing paediatric team. During my time there, I made many meaningful connections with locals, tried lots of local cuisines and learnt a few dances!

5. You’ve been granted a one-way ticket to another country of your choice. Where are you going?


6. What is the most used emoji on your phone right now?


7. What are you passionate about, personally or professionally?

Getting creative and expressing my thoughts and experiences in paintings.

8. What are 5 words you’d use to describe Dynamics Therapy Group?

Friendly, supportive, rewarding, collaborative, respectful.

9. What is your favourite thing about working as a Speech Therapist?

The many opportunities to work with diverse clients, their families and other professionals in various settings. In addition, knowing that I could help educate and empower clients and caregivers in making a lifelong impact that can help enhance their quality of life.

10. What do you hope to achieve at Dynamics, and what sets it apart from other therapy centres in Singapore?

To build a supportive team by sharing and learning from experiences. Dynamics continues to ensure clients’ experiences and encourages a culture for change and creativity.

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