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First Contact & Appointment

Upon our first contact, we will schedule an initial assessment for your child and match you with a suitable Speech-Language Therapist (SLT).


Pre-Assessment Questionnaire

Before the assessment, you would need to fill out a form to provide information regarding your child’s developmental history and your concerns about your child. Our SLT may discuss this information with you during your child’s assessment to gain further insight into the presenting concerns.


Initial Assessment

During the initial assessment, our SLT may use informal and/or formal assessments to identify your child’s strengths and needs. During the assessment, we will assess several areas of development, including attention, listening skills, speech, understanding and use of language. Other observations may include oral-motor functions and sensory development, particularly related to feeding.


The duration of the initial assessment is an hour long. If needed, with your consent, the SLT will visit your child’s school or your home to obtain other pertinent information.


If your child has been assessed by or is currently seeing other healthcare professionals, e.g. Psychologists or Occupational Therapists, formal reports from these professionals will enable our SLT to obtain a better understanding of your child’s development and associated concerns.

Analysis of assessment results


When the assessment is complete, the SLT will analyse all the information obtained during the formal and informal assessment to identify specific areas of need. You may receive verbal or email feedback after the assessment. A comprehensive report with the assessment’s findings is also available at a fee*.


*Report will be provided within 14 working days of the payment date.


Individualised & Goal-Directed Speech Therapy

Based on the analysis of the assessment results, our SLT may recommend speech therapy and will develop age- and needs-appropriate SMART (Specific, Measurable, Agreed-Upon, Realistic, Time-Based) goals. These goals will target specific areas of need that will be worked on during the sessions and at home, where possible. Therapy sessions can be around 30 or 60-minute long and will include providing feedback to parents or caregivers about the session as well as guidance on how to work with your child at home to reinforce learning and facilitate progress.

Ongoing Evaluations

Our SLT will also conduct regular evaluations to monitor the progress of your child against the defined goals. Where needed, adjustments may be made for better progress.


We also welcome referrals from parents as well as healthcare professionals. To schedule an appointment with our Speech-Language Therapist or if you have more questions, you can reach out to us here.

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