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Melanie Wee

Speech Therapist


Master of Speech Pathology


Professional Membership

Member of The Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC)



English, Mandarin,

Melanie is a dedicated Speech and Language Therapist, who is strongly motivated by the profound significance of empowering children with the ability to express themselves and communicate their needs to the world effectively.


Committed to fostering the growth of confident and resilient young individuals, Melanie specializes in working with children and adolescents across a spectrum of abilities. Her expertise extends to supporting individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down syndrome, Global Developmental Delay, fluency disorders, feeding difficulties, and speech and language disorders. Melanie tailors her approach by crafting individualized learning goals and objectives that leverage and enhance each child's innate strengths.

Emphasizing a family-centered approach, Melanie is unwavering in her dedication to collaborative practices. She actively engages with families to support and guide them in fostering their child's development, ensuring they achieve their milestones and goals.


A notable achievement in her career was spearheading a pioneering social inclusion program designed for youths with Autism. This initiative played a crucial role in fostering the enhancement of their social skills and establishing robust friend and familial support structures. Melanie's dedication to creating impactful programs underscores her commitment to the holistic development of individuals.


In addition to her extensive experience, Melanie holds a Master's in Speech Pathology and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. These qualifications reflect her comprehensive knowledge base and interdisciplinary approach in addressing the multifaceted needs of those she serves.

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