Anthony's Triumph: Overcoming Stuttering and Building Confidence through Speech Therapy

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Anthony is a 14 year old boy whose stuttering has been affecting his social interaction with peers at school. Anthony’s stuttering was characterized mainly by stutter blocks and facial twitches, which led to teasing from his peers. His parents were concerned and shared that Anthony was motivated to seek help to manage his stuttering.


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When Anthony first started speech therapy, he was hesitant to engage in conversation with his speech therapist. After finding out about his interests and building rapport, Anthony gradually became more comfortable in engaging in conversation with his therapist. During therapy, Anthony’s speech therapist worked on his stuttering using the Camperdown Program to develop his own individualized fluency technique to manage his stuttering. In addition, his therapist also taught him other fluency-enhancing strategies to promote fluency in a generalized way.


Over several months of therapy, Anthony’s efforts paid off. His overall stuttering severity during conversation decreased as he began to use his fluency techniques more independently. His parents noticed an improvement in his overall fluency with less stutter blocks and facial twitches observed. Anthony is more confident in communicating with his peers at school as he is in control of his stuttering when he uses the fluency techniques.

Anthony’s success story demonstrates the importance of continued practice of fluency techniques in managing stuttering and the impact that a speech therapist can have on a child’s communication skills.

Note: The identities of the individuals mentioned in the success story have been altered to maintain confidentiality.

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