Amber's Success: Overcoming Speech Difficulties and Embracing Communication

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Amber is a 5 years old girl who has been struggling with speech difficulties. Amber had difficulty articulating her sounds accurately which led to others not understanding her at school. Her teachers at school were concerned about her speech affecting her social interactions with her peers and recommended that she seek speech therapy services.

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Amber is a highly motivated child who tries her best in each therapy session. During therapy, Amber’s speech therapist worked on her speech using articulation approaches and positive feedback to encourage accurate speech production. Furthermore, the therapist taught Amber’s parents and teachers strategies to prompt accurate articulation during practice at home and in school. 


Over several months of therapy, Amber’s hard work and resilience produced results. She began producing her sounds accurately and her overall intelligibility increased in conversation. Her school teacher noticed significant improvements in her speech and observed improved communication with her peers and teachers at school. 

Amber’s success story demonstrates the impact a speech therapist can have on a child’s communication skills. With her improved articulation, her peers and teachers at school are able to better understand her and she is more confident in interacting with them.

Note: The identities of the individuals mentioned in the success story have been altered to maintain confidentiality.

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